Production Company

Serving as a hybrid environment that blends relaxation, inspiration, and education, Section80Bar caters to those who seek intellectual stimulation alongside social interaction. Crafted with love by the Section80’s team in collaboration with Studio Wok, the space is a celebration of cultural dialogues, conscious living, and the joy of shared experiences. An urban piano tail sottoportico that blurs interior with exterior with its ever-changing modularity, the space constantly morphs to reflect the imagination and creativity of its guests, evolving uniquely with each encounter and reshapes itself just for you. 

Birthed from the idea that food and drink are all about quality and culture, the counter is a sanctuary where passion is handcrafted, handpicked and hand-poured. Specializing in a gorgeous range of wines –  carefully paired with seasonal dishes and specialty coffee – and fueled by conscious practices, the bar is inspired by a global quest for flavors,  offering an accessibly unconventional approach to sharing this culture.

Our audio-visual area offers a unique sensory experience, featuring a bespoke high fidelity sound system (custom-made by H.A.N.D. Hi-Fi, another music related endeavour of Sound Metaphors in Berlin) joined by an immersive Dolby Atmos surround system. This one of a kind auditory setup is paired with a cutting-edge large scale cinematic LED wall, creating an enveloping visual experience that brings the space to new unparalleled atmospheres. We kindly invite you to come see and hear for yourself.

In collaboration with Edicola 518, Italy’s leading retailer of independent publications, our bookstore is a place where a variety of subjects – from architecture to politics, from cinema to the curious world of psychoactive plants and cats – converge through thoughtful editorial curation. Offering a spectrum from essays to fanzines, magazines to artists’ books, graphic novels to fiction, each piece gives you the possibility to extend your research a step out of ordinary.

Via Farini 44, Milan

Tue-Sat, 4-10 PM